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Your context

Your context
The customer makes the choice
A plane journey takes place in a consumerist world where the customer has all the choices he wants, and where traditionnal criterias of price, network and schedules are no longer enough to make the difference between you and your competitors.

The development of competition is inescapable
All airlines offer more or less the same "basic" product. Services and their quality level make the difference.

Income is closely linked to satisfaction level
The excellence of ground and in-flight products linked to lasting quality of service are an important factor in increasing market shares and in helping airlines to react again the current air transport crisis.

Quality of product and service means budget control
In house management of products and services cost a lot. Appointing confirmed experts only when you really need them participates to your cost control.

Better organisation allows cost savings
Implementation of processes and work methods leads to budget savings.

Success is guaranteed by the use of the right methodology
Reactive and efficient corrective actions can be implemented through customer satisfaction follow up and front line staff reports management and analysis.