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In-flight product and catering

In-flight product and catering
Relationships with caterers and suppliers
• Tenders organisation
• Assistance in contract negociation with your suppliers
• Catering budget definition (global et per station)
• Audit and quality checks of your suppliers
• Hygiene audit and target definition
• Goods management
• Menus Policy and logistics
• Economic surveys
• Invoice control
• Cost saving surveys

Food and drink policy
• Food and catering specification and meal presentation
• Drinks policy
• Specific products specification

Catering logistics
• Galleys specification
• Service equipments definition and selection
• Galleys plan
• Catering policy per station

Other products (specification, tender, selection, implementation)
• Duty free sales
• In-flight magazine
• Amenities
• Menus
• Specific products adapted to dedicated markets/customers